Owned and operated by Luis Perez Corral, a certified guide and full member of the AEGM (Spanish Association of Mountain Guides), Climbing in Málaga offers a variety of courses and activities designed to challenge you and help improve your climbing and confidence, allowing you to safely push your limits under expert professional guidance.

With Climbing in Málaga we promise you a safe, enjoyable and adventurous experience with personal instruction and training from Luis himself. With our small group sizes and hands-on training you’ll learn more and climb more in two or three days than you would in two weeks with a large, impersonal company.

Climbing in Málaga offers a wide range of single and multi-pitch rock climbing courses and adventures to suit all levels and abilities. We guarantee to bring your climbing and confidence to another level whilst teaching you to be self-sufficient and safe in an outdoor environment, and educating you in best mountain practice.

Luis has over 25 years’ experience rock climbing and mountaineering in Spain and around the world, and at time of writing is one of only 3 fully certified Level II Rock Climbing Instructors in the entire province of Málaga. He has personally led multiple climbing trips and treks in the Sierra Nevada, Picos de Europa, Pyrenees, Portugal, Morocco, North and Central Africa, as well as the Swiss, French and Italian Alps.

With his Master’s degree in Biology, Luis seeks out places of outstanding natural beauty and enjoys taking clients to “secret” climbing spots off the beaten track and far from the tourist trail. He can show you rock climbs and mountain routes in Spain that no other school or company will ever take you to, and can arrange private accommodation in local climbers’ homes and hotels.

He has extensive experience in wilderness first aid, navigation and self-rescue, and likes to teach all his clients his philosophy – that even more important than reaching the summit is coming home safe.

Sick of wet weather back home, I flew to Malaga in March for 3 days sport climbing with Climbing in Malaga. Learnt a ton from Luis, climbed till my arms were practically hanging off me, and went home with a suntan – best climbing holiday ever!

Chris, Wales. (Read more on Google My Business).

We are 2 girls and indoor climbers, that did a Learn to Lead course with Luis at one and a half hour from Malaga. After 2 days of shorter climbs and belay and gear placing training from Luis, on the 3rd day we share leads on a 8 pitch climb, with Luis climbing separately beside us, it was a huge thrill. Thanks to Luis for everything, you are the best!

Lena & Nadine, Germany. (Read more on Google My Business).

This is my third time (trad) climbing with Luis, once in Jaén and twice in Malaga. I can’t recommend him enough – each time I’ve been picked up at the airport, driven to all the best climbs, stayed in climbers’ homes, ate in local spots, climbed all day and talked technique all evening. My climbing and confidence have improved hugely and Luis has taught me how to stay safe while climbing hard. Luis is a great laugh and a top, top instructor.

Ross, Ireland. (Read more on Google My Business).

I did a climbing course with another company in el Chorro last year and hated it, stuck with no transport in a house with a load of other Brits trying hard to be cool climbers, and two instructors for eleven of us which meant we only got to do one or two climbs each a day, an absolute nightmare. This year I went with a mate to Climbing in Malaga, just the two of us, got loads of climbing done, lots of great coaching from Luis, stayed in a lovely hotel owned by a climber and had the climbs all to ourselves – Heaven, and it still worked out cheaper than the other company! Cheers Luis.

Ben, England. (Read more on Google My Business).

I really enjoyed my trip to climb with you in Málaga, Luis. You’re a great guy and a gifted instructor – I learnt more from you in those four days than I have in the last five years. You could charge ten times as much and it would still be worth it. Thank you amigo!!

Justin, Canada. (Read more on Google My Business).

Thanks Luis for a wonderful few days of climbing. You were absolutely brilliant, a pleasure to spend time with and a pure professional. I am coming away from this a far better climber, having learnt a huge amount from you. The weather was brilliant, the food was delicious and the climbing was incredible, what more could one ask for? I will definitely be back to climb with you again. Highly Recommended.

Dave, England. (Read more on Google My Business).

The highlight of our family trip to Spain was the weekend spent climbing with Luis outside of Malaga. He was an awesome teacher, patient with myself and my wife, and our kids loved him. Thank you Luis for the fond memories, for the beautiful places you took us, and for making our first ever climbs so safe and enjoyable.

Brian, USA. (Read more on Google My Business).

Second time back to Luis now, this time with two mates. Luis taught us to climb as a proper team of three, showed us what we had been doing wrong and, more importantly, how to do it right. Unbeatable service and his prices are really good value for what you get. See you next year Luis.

Carl, England. (Read more on Google My Business).

We had a great family experience climbing with Luis in El Chorro. Luis is calm,friendly and easy going yet really knowledgeable and hands on. He made us all feel safe and in good hands, as well as get us to work on our techniques and challenge us and help us be resourceful and find new way when the route was challenging. We all came away feeling that we had ha a fantastic day together. We highly recommend Luis. Fantastic value too.

Gisela Olsonn. (Read more on Google My Business).
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Most Requested Activities

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