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Guided Ascent- Rock Climbing

The Iberian Peninsula, and Andalucía in particular, is blessed with a selection of world class climbing routes all over its mountain ranges and massifs. The combination of a varied and vast geography and an excellent climate means you can climb here year round, with a choice of routes from beginner to expert, from unprotected to fully bolted, from short routes to climbs over 750 metres in length.

In Andalucía there are lot and lots of fantastic places to climb, but a few select areas stand out as being the birthplaces of climbing in southern Spain – El Chorro, Alcandoras, and the North face of Veleta.

El Chorro is a small town set high in Malaga’s stunningly beautiful “Lake district”, best known for El Caminito del Rey (the King’s Path), which ends here. Set in a spectacular Natural Park, of great geomorphological and environmental interest, the town is also epicentre to a massive climbing area of more than eleven hundred hectares, with over 1,000 climbing routes of all levels, many of which are along the length of the Gaitanes Gorge, a three kilometre long canyon cut out by the Guadalhorce River with steep walls up to 400 metres high.

Alcandoras, also known as Cresta de los Grajales, is in Jaén, a two hour drive From Malaga. It’s an idyllic and remote location, and a very special place, with its massive limestone wall rising up out of a pine forest below. The rock face reaches heights of over 200 metres in places, and extends for several kilometres, with over 100 distinct climbing routes. These walls have a lot of history and Jaen has a hard-core group of local climbers who live to climb them. But don’t worry – Luis knows everybody and you’ll possibly end your day having a beer with local legends.

North face of Veleta: A unique climbing area at an altitude of 3,000 metres above sea level, Veleta has a very “high mountain” feel to it, yet is only a few hours’ drive from Malaga. The cooler temperatures here make this a great place to climb in summer when the heat makes it difficult to climb elsewhere in Andalucía. The routes here are long and winding with lots of traverses, abseiling/rappelling, long pitches and transitions between short rope/long rope techniques, and the rock type (micaceous shale) and alpine feel to the climbing make this a very special and exciting place to climb.

Having climbed all over Spain for more than 25 years, Luis has climbed and guided extensively in the following areas: Picos de Europa (Naranjo de Bulnes, Torre Santa de Castilla, Peña Vieja, etc.), Pre-Pyrenees (Riglos, Mont-rebei, etc.), Pyrenees (Ordesa, Midi, Balaitus, Aneto, Pico Abadías, etc.), Sierra de Gredos (Galayos, Almanzor, etc.), Levante (Puig Campana, Ponoig, Peñón de Ifach), to name just a few. Contact Luis now to chat about these and the many other great places you can travel and climb together with him.

Luis Perez Corral is one of Malaga’s most renowned climbers and instructors and has almost 25 years’ experience climbing in Andalucía and further afield, with close to a hundred first ascents and new routes to his name. Luis has the equipment, the training and, most importantly, the experience to guide you up and down the routes of your choice in complete safety.

These guided ascents are designed for individuals or very small groups who want the satisfaction of achieving something that most people only ever dream of, but doing so side by side with a professional to whom safety is of the utmost importance. Luis doesn’t believe in “just dragging” you up and down a climb where you learn nothing, but teaches you to climb safely as his partner(s). We want you to push your limits safely, but realise the most important thing is that you learn new skills and have lots of fun whilst becoming a better and safer climber.

Featured Guided Ascents 

Climbing in El chorro

El Chorro

  • Espolon Ordese (IV+/160m)
  • Lluvia Asteroides (V+/250m)
  • Proyecto Amptrax  (6a /165m)
  • Espolon Masay (6a+/330m)
  • Estrella Polar (6b/280m)
  • Numolite (6a+/300m)
Climbing in Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada (Veleta)

  • Silvia (V/185m)
  • Paco-Pepe (IV+/210)
  • Vuelo de Aguila (V/260m)
  • Extraplomos (V+/Ao y 205m)
  • Norte del Veleta (6a/280m)
  • Laberinto de Minos
Climbing in Las Alcandoras

Las Alcandoras (Jaén)

  • Las Chovas (6a+/180m)
  • Los Granadinos (6a/140m)
  • Diedro Yo-Yo (V+/Ao y 138m)
  • Marionetas (MD+/ 230m)
  • Chinetas  (MD+/230m)
  • Pilar MºLuisa (6a+/190m)
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