Via Ferratas in Málaga

ferratas in Málaga

Challenging, fun and even life-changing, Via Ferrata are routes on rock faces protected by a mixture of fixed cables, chains, staples, ladders, rope bridges and zip lines, to which the climber is always attached by at least one piece of personal protection. They became popular after many were put up in the Dolomites during WWI to help military units access hard to reach terrain, and are a great way to safely access spots normally reserved for more experienced climbers.

Open to anyone with a sense of adventure, Via Ferrata have jump-started the career of many a climber and mountaineer. You don’t need any special skills or climbing experience to do a Via Ferrata (though you do need some specialised safety equipment), and they’re a great way to get your first experience of real climbing whilst in a very safe environment.

Routes are graded according to climbing difficulty and seriousness, and range from grade 1 for complete novices (little climbing, short, lots of escape routes and little exposure), to grade 5 for more experienced climbers (technical climbing moves, a high level of strength and fitness required, long, dizzying exposures, few/no escape routes). 

This makes it easy to choose a route that everyone can enjoy, regardless of their experience or head for heights. If you take a guide you’ll be far safer and will enjoy the experience a lot more. Luis has over 25 years’ experience guiding Via Ferrata in Malaga and will provide you with all the specialised equipment and know-how to make your day not only a memorable one, but a safe one!

A  few days with Luis will teach you the skills and knowledge to go on to climb Via Ferrata safely alone, and will give you a great initiation to the world of “real” rock climbing. Luis provides all the gear you’ll need – harness, helmet, lanyards, anchor slings, carabiners and descenders. There is an incredible variety of world-class Via Ferrata close to Malaga, of all levels, from short routes taking around an hour to longer all-day routes. Luis knows every single one of them (including some you won’t find in any guidebooks) and delights in sharing the very best of them with his clients. What better way to spend a day in the sun than climbing some of Luis’s favourite routes with him, and still be down in time for your evening meal and a celebratory beer in Malaga.

Most Requested Via Ferratas

ferratas in Málaga

Comares – Vía Ferrata

Just outside Comares, the highest village in the Axarquia region, is an area with three Via Ferrata routes, a 430 meter long zip line, and lots of excellent climbing and hiking. The area is North-facing, so is an ideal place to stay cool and have fun on hot summer days. The routes, while lots of fun, are only moderately difficult so are ideal for beginners and children, and the Via Ferrata can be combined with other activities such as some easy climbing, hiking or a spin on the zip line for a perfect day out!

Average time to do the routes and zip line is 4 hours, with a short descent.

Grade 2

Ferratas in Málaga

Los Vados – Via Ferrata

Highly recommended and very challenging, Los Vados is not a typical Via Ferrata, being more like a multipitch sport climb with bolted protection and belay stations, but with the added bonus of lots of iron steps and several sections with chains to help us reach the summit. With 12 pitches and almost 300m of ascent Los Vados is as close to “real” rock climbing as you can get, and ropes and climbing techniques are used throughout. A long route, very comfortable belays and incredible views make this a must-do!

Average time to do the route is 5 to 6 hours, plus a 45 minute descent.

Grade 4

Ferratas in Málaga

Torcal de Antequera- Via Ferrata

The “Sierra del Torcal” is a small limestone mountain range that separates the cities of Antequera and Malaga and gives us 3 amazing zones of Via Ferrata to play in. The eroded limestone forms some incredible “karst” formations that have to be seen to be believed, and the equally incredible Via Ferrata are made up of cables, iron steps, chains and even zip lines. The climbing is challenging but accessible to anyone with a reasonable level of fitness, and the panoramic views from the summit of El Camorro are unbelievable!

Average time to do the routes is 5 to 6 hours, plus a 30 minute descent.

Grade 3.

ferrata El Chorro

Los Albercones El Chorro – Via Ferrata

Not to be confused with the nearby “el Caminito de Rey”, this Via Ferrata was opened in May of 2017. Whereas “el Caminito” is basically just a suspended walkway that you now have to pay to access, the Via Ferrata is a fun-filled and thrilling adventure, with a “Tibetan bridge”, a “Monkey bridge” and a zip line all adding to the fun and sense of excitement. The Via Ferrata is of medium difficulty so is suitable for anybody with a decent level of fitness that wishes to challenge themselves. At the end of the route you can either walk down or abseil/rappel (under the careful guidance of Luis) if you prefer to “live dangerously”.

Average time to do the route is 4 h., plus 30 min. descent.

Grade 3

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