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Solo Climbing Course in Málaga

Roped solo climbing is a form of climbing where you climb without a partner, but with the safety of rope protection, that goes right back to the beginnings of mountaineering.

In our Solo Climbing Course in Málaga we teach you the different techniques you need to self-climb rock faces in the safest manner possible, removing the need for a partner and helping to make you more independent in the mountains. This type of climbing requires far greater technical knowledge than climbing with a partner, and you will need to learn to become proficient at building anchors, placing protection, rappelling/abseiling and ascending the rope, as well as to have a greater degree of self-sufficiency and confidence in what you are doing.

Our Solo Climbing Course in Málaga is aimed at experienced climbers who want to learn a safe system to solo climb with a fixed rope, using knots, Silent Partners, or a combination of any of the various other assisted braking devices available. This is not a course for beginners or anyone who is not confident in their ability to build a safe anchor and place adequate protection. Though the risk of this type of climbing is higher, the reward of being self-sufficient and the freedom of climbing without reliance on a partner are incredible.

Thanks to the incredible climate here, we can climb and train in Andalucía all year round, with a multitude of places we can go depending on your prior experience and what you want to learn. El Chorro, Valle de Abdalajis, Ardales and Villanueva del Rosario are some of the better known options, but Luis knows dozens of spots further off the “tourist trail”, all within easy reach of Málaga. We will decide the Solo Climbing Course location together based on your personal climbing ability and the length and difficulty of the climbs you want to do.

Recommended 2-3 days

Solo Climbing Course Content

Solo Climbing course in Mlaga
  • Considerations
  • Belays
  • Setup ropes
  • Ascend/Descend by rope
  • Solo Top rope
  • Leading
  • Technical climbing with Silent partner or by knots
  • Progression on the wall
  • Tricks
  • Tips
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