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Guided Ridge Climbs in Málaga

A ridge, also known sometimes as a crest, is a line of high ground with the land dropping steeply away on either side, and is generally formed by glacial erosion in parallel valleys. The line along the crest formed by the highest points is called the ridgeline, and it is this feature that we often use as the best way to reach the summit of a mountain, especially in alpine territory where climbing via the ridgeline helps us avoid avalanches, crevasses and the dangers of falling rock.

Ridge climbing requires absolute attention because the terrain is inherently unstable, and belay and protection points are not always as frequent as those on a traditional climbing route. Navigation skills can also be vital to avoid losing one’s way, and good training and technique in short-roping and moving together are essential, as well as the ability to strike a balance between speed and safety.

Luis Perez Corral is one of Malaga’s most renowned climbers and instructors and has over 25 years’ experience climbing in Andalucía and further afield, with close to a hundred first ascents and new routes to his name. Luis has the equipment, the training and, most importantly, the experience to guide you up and down the ridgelines of your choice in complete safety.

These guided ascents are designed for individuals or very small groups who want the satisfaction of achieving something that most people only ever dream of, but doing so side by side with a professional to whom safety is of the utmost importance. Luis doesn’t believe in “just dragging” you up and down a ridge where you learn nothing, but teaches you to climb safely as his partner(s). We want you to push your limits safely, but realise the most important thing is that you learn new skills and have lots of fun whilst becoming a better and safer climber.

  • The Salenques-Tempestades to Aneto (Pyrenees).
  • Petic Grand Pic to Pic-Midi (French Pyrenees)
  • Northwest to Balaitous, Costerillou and Diablos (French and Spanish Pyrenees)
  • Petit Vignemale-Pique Longue (Pyrenees)
  • Pico Alba 15 gendarmes (Pyrenees)
  • Crest de Travessani (Pyrenees)
  • Crest of Argaos (Picos de Europa)
  • Torrecerredo Pico Cabrones (Picos de Europa)
  • Madejuno-Tiro Llago (Picos de Europa)


Where can I ridge climb in Andalucia?

Spain’s most classic ridge and crest climbs are found in the Pyrenees and the Cantabrian mountain range, but Andalucía has some magnificent ridge climbs in places such as Axarquía, Alcandoras, Sierra Nevada, Cazorla, and El Chorro, to name a few, and you’ll generally have the climbs all to yourself. These routes in Andalucía are great preparation for the more serious routes of Northern Spain, and are a fantastic stepping stone into the world of alpine climbing, where most peaks are climbed by their ridgelines.

Most requested ridge climbs in Andalucia

Scrambling in Málaga

Tajo de Gomer

El Tajo de Gomer is a peak situated in the Axarquía region of Malaga, close to the town of Alfarnatejo. Its characteristic pointed triangular outline is visible from a great distance, resembling a tooth, and the long ridgeline becomes apparent as you get nearer. With a long approach and descent, and a 700 metre long route, this is a great day out, and the character and atmosphere of the ridgeline make this a “must-do” climb. Highly recommended for an adventure day!

Guided Scrambling in Málaga

Tozal de Cartujo

The Northern ridgeline of Tozal del Cartujo is a relatively straightforward ascent made challenging by the abseil/rappel found halfway along the route, the steep, exposed chimney climb that follows, and the fact that the climbing is done at some 3,000 metres of elevation. A long, excellent route that is a big favourite amongst those who want to get a first taste of what alpine climbing is all about, and not to be underestimated under any circumstances.

scrambling in Málaga

Peñón de Grazalema

With  its stunning location in the Sierra de Grazalema National Park, El Peñón de Grazalema is an ideal spot for beginners or those wanting to perfect their ridgeline climbing technique. Although the setting is incredible, the route seldom feels scary and the exposure isn’t too severe, so it’s a great place to concentrate on learning new techniques and focus on ropework skills, whilst learning how to move together safely on alpine-style terrain.

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