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Scrambling Course in Málaga

Scrambling Courses in Málaga

Scrambling lies somewhere between hiking and rock climbing, and is the next logical progression in the transition from being a hillwalker to becoming a mountaineer. Scrambling routes can vary from short easy climbs with plenty of escape routes and very little use of the hands to long hard ridgelines with plenty of exposure using actual climbing techniques with ropes and belays. If you have aspirations to mountaineer in the Alps or the Greater Ranges, this course will also give you a solid base on which to make that step, as many of the techniques you’ll learn on the course are the same techniques you would use in the Alps.

Our Scrambling Course in Málaga is aimed at those who want to learn how to safely ascend mountains without putting themselves or their partners at unnecessary risk, and is a great initiation to the world of “real” rock climbing. Route finding, hazard assessment and basic navigation skills are all taught on the course, but our real focus is on teaching you methods for efficient and safe movement on steep exposed terrain. We emphasise good short-roping technique and the ability to move together safely using the natural features of the rock, with a balance between speed and safety.

Andalucía has some of the best and most accessible mountain scrambles in Europe, at a variety of grades to suit all abilities, and Luis Perez Corral is one of Málaga’s most renowned climbers and instructors, with almost 25 years’ experience climbing and teaching in Andalucía and further afield. Luis doesn’t believe in “just dragging” you up and down a mountain where you learn nothing, but teaches you to climb safely as his partner(s). We want you to push your limits safely, but realise the most important thing is that you learn new skills and have lots of fun whilst becoming a better and safer mountaineer.

Thanks to the incredible climate here, we can scramble and mountain climb in Andalucía all year round, with a multitude of places we can go depending on your prior experience and what you want to learn. El Chorro, Villanueva del Rosario and Sierra de Camarolos are some of the better known options, but Luis knows dozens of spots further off the “tourist trail”, all within easy reach of Málaga.

2-4 Days

Scrambling Course Content

Scrambling Course in Málaga

The following are the very basics you’ll learn on one of our Scrambling Courses; based on time and your prior experience we can cover much more. If you’re an intermediate or advanced scrambler who wants to improve a particular aspect of your technique, brush up on your rope-work or simply train for a trip to the Alps or beyond, we’re always happy to tailor an individual course to your needs.

  • Choosing equipment – What you really need
  • Route selection and map reading
  • Interpretation of guidebooks
  • Safe Movement skills
  • Knot tips and Rope work tricks
  • Short-roping as a team of 2 or 3
  • Natural Protection and how to use it
  • Best Anchor and belay practices
  • Safe Abseil/Rappelling techniques
  • Putting safe systems in place
  • Lots and Lots and Lots of Scrambling
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