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Trekking in Málaga

What is Trekking?

Trekking is one of the healthier options to get in touch with nature, to know the places through the cultural and natural heritage of the area, and bring the mountains closer to everyone, adjusting the difficulty of the routes to the preparation of each group. You can explore faraway places, and sometimes rarely trodden without trails or sign posts. The Trekking is an anglicized word and is used to describe the realization of a long and complicated journey.

Due to the geological history of our peninsula, we can explore many very different places and landscapes: Picos de Europa, Pyrénées, Sierra de Gredos, Sierra Nevada, Cazorla, etc.. Each of these places differ from each other in its geology, flora, fauna, ecosystems, etc.. While visiting all of them you can perceive the great biodiversity in Spain, and with a bit of interest you will learn great things from the natural environment. Not far from Spain and with a little time, we can get into the Alps and the Moroccan Atlas, and enjoy the largest ranges of Europe and North Africa.

Where do you do it?.

Below you will find a list of suggestions that tour some of the Natural Parks of Andalusia, or ascend its mountains. If you are interested in other parts of Spain or the world, we can plan it and do it together.

Below you will find some suggestions about different trekking in and out of Spain. This section will be constantly updated and new links added. Click on each for more information.


Integral Sierra Nevada

“It’s not in the mountains that one stumbles, but on tiny pebbles.”


Trekking in Malaga

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