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Trad Climbing Course in Malaga

What is Trad climbing?

The history of climbing back to the nineteenth century, but would not become popular until the early twentieth century. Back in those days, climbing was considered as part of the activity in the mountains. In these days, free climbing was the only way forward and when difficulties exceeded the ability of the climber, aid climbing was used. In both cases the fixed equipment is almost non­existent or non­existent at all, is the climber who place it in the wall.

Aid climbing relies on the help of equipment to progress, while free climbing depends on the skill of the climber. Both styles are necessary in the mountain.

Trad climbing course in Malaga Trad climbing course in Malaga

Who is the receiver of the “Trad climbing Course in Malaga”?

“Trad Climbing Course in Malaga” is focus to those who want to learn about trad­protection and artificial techniques to progress in routes without fixed equipment, or for those people who want to climb news routes. Also we want to show the natural environment associated with climbing, and enjoy it.

What do you learn in that course?

“Trad Climbing Course in Malaga” timetable, that you can read below, would be the first step for an introduction to trad climbing , but it could be that you are in another situation, in that case, we adapt the content to your true needs and requirements. Once you describe what you want, we will try to adjust the program to your needs.

  •  Environmental Awareness
  •  Knots
  •  Equipment
  •  Protection: Friends, stoppers, nails, etc..
  •  Belays.
  •  Using the double rope.
  •  Tactics progression.
  •  Introduction to aid climbing.
  •  Basic safety techniques.
  •  Rappelling.

Where and when can you  do it?

Depending on the season of the year and looking for the best weather conditions, and taking into account your preferences, it may vary between; The Chorro Valley Abdalajis Ardales, Villanueva del Rosario, Torcal de Antequera, and other schools that are on the outskirts of Malaga. If you are outside of the province, contact us and we will try to satisfy you.

Duration 2­-4 days.

Fees and Conditions

Included: guide service and collective technical gear. In some cases, individual technical gear Liability insurance and accident insurance for participants.

Fees: Click hereTrad climbing course.

Trad climbing course in Malaga

Trad climbing course in Malaga

Trad climbing course in Malaga