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In this text, You, is defined as the customer/s who has/have booked us and, We, is all or any of the staff including those employed by the staff  who are contracted by the customer. Upon confirmation of a booking or commitment to us, it is implied that You have read, understood, and also agree to the following conditions:


Rates are allocated among You the policy holding participants of the service. If You are a single person, We can try to join other small groups in the same situation, so that participants can share costs. The fees may vary depending on the number of people in the group, the length and difficulty of the activity. Check your particular situation.

Included: guide service and the hiring of collective technical gear. In some cases individual technical gear. Liability insurance, and accident insurance.

Not included: Transport, lodging and meals of the customer/s, and guide/s. These expenses are allocated among the customer/customers. Approximate prices of that charge depend on the preferences of the participants and  will be studied once the first contacts are initiated.

1 person

2 people

Groups of 3 people

Groups of 4 people

Groups of 5 people

Larger groups


If you want to reserve our services, it is important to book in advance, so the following can be arranged:

  • Courses and events: You must make a payment of 50% of the total amount at the moment of booking. You must pay the remaining sum before the course starts. If the activity or course is canceled by the client before the start of it, the first booking payment (50%) won`t be returned.
  • Journey: At least 60 days before the departure, You will have to pay 50% of the total fee, the remaining 50% shall be paid at the latest 30 days before the departure. If such payment is not made, the service will be considered to be cancelled, and won’t be refunded. If the activity is annulled by the client before the start of it, the booking fees won’t be returned.

Once the booking is made, We will provide a copy of the liability insurance, and accident insurance, a copy of the diploma of the guide, and the registration in Tourist Administration, and after the initial contact a bank account number so You can confirm the  booking of the activity.

We will always do everything possible to help You meet your objectives, managing and minimizing risks, but in cases where the guide in his professional judgement considers that continuing the proposed route may cause You, the group, and/or the guide/s unnecessary risks. We may adapt or cancel the activity, course or journey, especially considering the following conditions:

  • If the physical condition or technical level of the participants is not appropriate for the activity.
  • If the weather or mountain conditions are not right.
  • If there is a noticeable delay compared to scheduled times for the activity.

In these cases no amount will be refunded once the activity has started. Customers should understand that participation in mountain activities implies some risks. We take care of You and manage and maintain your safety minimizing the risks, but these risks are not always in our hands, and in the cases in which they occur it is best to cancel, change, or postpone the activity.

Customers confirm that they have been informed of:

  • The destinations, itineraries or paths to follow.
  • Standards to preserve the environment in which the activity is performed.
  • Knowledge required, practical difficulties involved in the activity,  behaviour to display and indications to follow in case of danger.
  • Physical requirements or skills needed to engage in the activity.
  • The need for the customer to notify any health related problem that he or she may suffer.
  • Security measures.
  • Risk for each activity.
  • The minimum number of staff of the entity for each activity performed and the maximum number of participants for each activity.
  • Maximum or minimum age for each of the activities.
  • Liability insurance and accident insurance.

When booking and signing these conditions, the customer is accepting the risks of the activity and accepts he or she will be responsible for his/her own actions.