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Sport Climbing Course in Malaga

What is sport climbing?

Sport climbing has evolved from other styles of climbing, mostly aid climbing. This Technique is used in alpine routes to gain altitude and time quickly.

In the years 1960­1970, climbers started searching technically difficult challenges without the use of artificial techniques, and thereby began to proliferate routes with fixed equipment. It is at this time when sport climbing began to develop as a separate discipline of traditional climbing.

Currently it is a discipline that is focus on overcoming technical difficulties through routes that have been equipped with fixed bolts to ensure the safety of the climbers. The places where it is practiced and are preconditioned, are called crags.

sport climbing course in malaga

Vilanova de Meia

Who is the receiver of the “sport climbing course in Malaga”?

“Sport Climbing Course in Malaga” is intended for people who want to start climbing without previous knowledge, or want to improve such knowledge. The ultimate target is to acquire the necessary skills to be self reliant in crags, and also learn to respect the natural environment associated with climbling, and enjoy it.

What do you learn in this course?

“Sport climbing course in Malaga” syllabus, which is written below, would be the steps to follow for beginners, but it could be that you are in another situation, in that case the content will be adapt to your true needs and requirements. Describe what you want and we will try adjust the program to your needs.

Climbing Course Advance Climbing course 

Rock`s knowledge.

Gear for climbing.




Safety progression

Anchors and belays

Rope work Rappelling.

Rock`s knowledge.

Basic climbing equipment for multipitch routes

Safety chain.

Fall Factor and impact force.

Belays and belaying in multipitch routes.

Protection: Friends, nuts, natural protections, etc.


Croquis: Interpretation.

Where and when you can do it?

Depending on the season of the year, looking for the best weather conditions, and taking into account your preferences it could vary between; El Chorro, Valle de Abdalajis, Villanueva del Rosario, Villanueva del Cauche, Torcal de Antequera, and other crags that are on the outskirts of Málaga. If you are outside of the province, contact us and we will try to satisfy you.

Duration: 1-­3 days

Fees and Conditions

Included: guide service and collective technical gear. In some cases, individual technical gear Liability insurance and accident insurance for participants.

FeesTerms sport climbing course.

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Moral de Calatrava.
Ciudad Real.

sport climbing courses in málaga

Sport climbing course in el chorro

Villanueva del Rosario