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Solo Climbing Course in Malaga

What’s Solo climbing?.

“Solo climbing course in Malaga” is one in which you can progress without the help of a partner. The “solo climbing course in Malaga” requires knowledge of different techniques that you would use with a partner. This style requires more ropeworks, and more effort. You will need solid knowledge of belays, protection, rappelling, ascenders, self rescue and a greater degree of self sufficiency.

The technique consist in attach one end of the rope on the basis of the route by a natural anchor or to an expansion anchor, if the route is equipped. We progress installing safe protections and clipping the rope. This mode requires twice as long to climb, since it is necessary to recover the rope and protections that we have set down, and get up the pitch other time to begin the next.

Solo climbing back to the early years of mountaineering. In the Alps, sometimes, some guides were dedicated to explore peaks that had not been climbed yet and today, many, leaves us amazed. In Dolomites continues the story with peaks as the Aiguille in Dauphine, and here in Spain, Gustavo Schulze ascends the PICU in 1906, shortly after its conquest by the Cainejo and Pidal. Even we can go back further and assume millions of examples of shepherds, peasants, and unknown adventurers who have left their mark on hundreds of virgin mountains.

Who is the receiver?

“Solo climbing course in Malaga” is aimed at people who are interested in learning through knots system, or with the belay device called “Silent Partner”. You will learn the techniques; recognize its dangers and its rewards. While respecting and knowing the environment associated with climbing and enjoying it.

Solo Climbing Course
  • Considerations
  • Belays
  • Ascend/Descend by rope
  • Solo Top rope
  • Technical climbing with Silent partner or by knots
  • Progression on the wall
  • Tricks

Where and when you can do it?

Depending on the season of the year for the best weather conditions, technical conditions on areas, and taking into account your preferences, it could vary between; The Chorro Valley Abdalajis Ardales, Villanueva del Rosario, etc..

Duration 2 days

“Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb.”

Greg Child.

Solo Climbing Course in Málaga

Fees and General Conditions