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Self Rescue Course in Malaga

Why do that “Self Rescue Course in Malaga”?

The Self Rescue Course in Malaga, despite all the technological and psychological advances in the recent years, remains an area of essential knowledge in tackling any adventure. The advancing in rescues, medical emergencies, and speed to access to remote areas, have favored the reduction of self­sufficiency in mountain. But we must be prepare for any eventuality, and this training will also help us to anticipate the difficulties that may arise. Whether we treat to help a person with troubles, or we need to rappel several pitchs with a wounded comrade, or performing any other ropeworks, anadequate technical preparation is essential, and do not left it to chance in the time of the accident. In this “self rescue course in Malaga” we will work with many ropeworks to perform it safely in a moment where time is critical to help successfully our wounded friend.

Self Rescue Course in Malaga

Who is the receiver?

That “self­ rescue course in Malaga” is focus at people who want to learn how to prevent or resolve the difficulties of a technical rescue, thinking that there is no possibility of external assistance. The ultimate target is to be able to evacuate the injured friend or ourselves if we require it, respect and understand the natural environment associated with climbing, and enjoy it.

What do you learn in that course?

  •  Knots
  •  How to take off the belay device.
  •  Rappelling and getting up the rope
  •  How to jump knots
  •  Rapel assisted and counterbalanced
  •  Rescuing leader
  •  Rescuing partner
  •  Pulleys systems
  •  Evacuation

Where and when can you  do it?

Depending on the season of the year for the best weather conditions, technical conditions on areas, and taking into account your preferences, it could vary: Pinares de San Anton , “The Lagarillo”

Duration: 4 days

Fees and Conditions

Included: guide service and collective technical gear. In some cases, individual technical gear Liability insurance and accident insurance for participants.

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Self Rescue Course in Malaga


Self Rescue Course in Malaga