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Scrambling in Malaga

What is a ridge? What is a Crest?

In mountaineering sometimes they are used as synonyms. A crest is a more general term for the line of the highest points of a relief separating two opposite sides. And a ridge is a crest, which normally separates two valleys, and is formed when two parallel glacial, erode two separate valleys with U-shape. The ridge may also be formed when two glacial cirques erode theirs respective headers, then often this results in what are called hills.

Scrambling in Málaga

Sierra Nevada. Minotauro.

Scrambling in Málaga

Espolón de los franceses. Image 1


How to progress in a crest or ridge?

Scrambling through them requires full attention, since normally the terrain is quite unstable, and protections are not as frequent compared to a climbing route. It requires a balance between speed and safety, and it is also important to have a good sense of orientation to avoid getting lost and having to undo some of the way.

Where can do it?

The vintage ridges and crests in Spain are in the Pyrenees and Cordillera Cantabrica, but Andalusia has some crests in which we can enjoy the sensations that provide by these wonderful routes. Some places may be the Axarquia , Alcandoras, Sierra Nevada, Cazorla, El Chorro, etc.. All these scrambles can prepare us for the great ridges and crests in Northern Spain or other mountains as the Alps.

The ridges and crests  more scrambled in spain, are:

  • The Salenques-Tempestades to Aneto (Pyrenees).
  • Petic Grand Pic to Pic-Midi (French Pyrenees)
  •  Northwest to Balaitous, Costerillou and Diablos (French and Spanish Pyrenees)
  • Petit Vignemale-Pique Longue (Pyrenees)
  • Pico Alba 15 gendarmes (Pyrenees)
  • Crest de Travessani (Pyrenees)
  • Crest of Argaos (Picos de Europa)
  • Torrecerredo Pico Cabrones (Picos de Europa)
  • Madejuno-Tiro Llago (Picos de Europa)

Below you will find some suggestions about different scrambles in and out of Spain. This section will be constantly updated and new links added. Click on each for more information.

What is included in “Scrambling in Malaga”? Fees.

Incluided: Guiding service and the collective technical gear. In some cases individual technical gear can be provided.  Liability insurance and accident insurance for all participants.

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Scrambling in Málaga

Espolón de los franceses. Picos de Europa. Image 2.

Scrambling in Andalucia

Espolón de los Franceses. Picos de Europa. Image 3.

Scrambling in spain