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Scrambling Course in Málaga

Who is the receiver?

Scrambling Course in Malaga is aimed at those who are looking for climbing mountains through some routes more complex than those which are called “Regular”; for those people who like to feel the sensation of moving fast, safe, and with “atmosphere” in the mountains; or for those climbers who want to climb ridges, crests, or sections within a multi­pitch route which have these characteristics. The ultimate goal is to acquire the skills necessary to move autonomously by these lines, respect and understand the natural environment associated with the mountains, and enjoy it.

What do you learn in “Scrambling Course in Malaga”?

“Scrambling Course in Malaga” teaches you the techniques to get on in this area, very different from the technique used in other cases. These techniques are also used to progress safely and quickly near the summit of some multipitch routes, where the last pitches are not too difficult but still do not feel comfortable to untie. In some mountain the differences between using these techniques or not, besides giving security, is the speed, in some cases it can be hours.

“Scrambling Courses in Malaga” schedule, that you can read below, would be the steps to show to a beginners, but could be that you are in another situation, in that case the content will be adapt to your true needs and requirements. Once you describe what you want, we will adjust the program to your needs.

Scrambling Course
  •  Environmental Awareness
  •  Gear,and progression.
  •  Knots
  •  Location and use of natural anchors.
  •  Belays
  •  Technical.
  •  Belaying techniques.
  •  Ropework
  •  Rapel.
  •  Interpretation of Topos.
  •  Fluency with your partner
  •  Knowledge and prevention of hazards in mountain.

Where and when you can do it?.

Depending on the season of year and looking for the best weather conditions, and taking into account your preferences it could vary between; El Chorro, Villanueva del Rosario, Sierra Camarolos and other schools that are on the outskirts of Malaga.

Duration 2-­4 days.

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”   


Scrambling Course in Malaga

Fees and General Conditions