Rock Climbing Instructor in Spain

Currently there is a certain lack of information about the legislation governing relating the titles of Rock Climbing Instructor in Spain. This situation makes it difficult, in many cases, to know the way to go for people who want to do the training necessary to practice the profession. Moreover it causes the intrusion  of people who are not qualified, with the corresponding risk to the customer.

A Rock Climbing Instructor in Spain  is a person that leads an individual or group providing the appropriate teaching, and coaching. The Guide manages the risks found in the natural environment, providing for all group members a safe environment in which  the activities are carried out.

In Spain the practice of Guides, has professionalized in recent years, following the path initiated in the countries around the Alps, and is regulated by two laws: RD 318/2000 and Order ECI/858/2005. The education and the corresponding certification for the various types of guides  is regulated by the Ministry of Education. However this does not guarantee that all regional governments ask for the degree as a requirement to practice the profession. In the near future though, this will become mandatory. As a client, you care about your safety and the service you are receiving, and you can ascertain those by requesting the corresponding qualifications, insurances and registration number in the public administration registry.

We can distinguish  five professional categories:

To be informed on the differences among these registrations, and the difference with other professional categories, you can check this link.

In Spain a broad range of different training  programs is offered.

Also there is a collaboration agreement between the AEGM (Spanish Mountain Guide Association), and the UIAGM and UIMLA (international institutions worldwide recognised and with high prestige) with several mountain schools. You can find a copy of the agreement on this website.

Within this collaboration agreement the training of Guides is currently provided by three schools through a European project, the Arce Project, which unifies resources to improve quality.

In addition to the above mentioned, the qualification of TECO (Technicians conducting physical activities in the Natural Environment)  can be found in Spain as well. These professionals have a profile with different skills than the above mentioned, they do not have specific training in snowy terrain, nor with ropes, nor in canyoning.  On the other hand,  they do receive training in cycling and horse riding.

In order to differentiate between these categories you should enquire for the appropriate qualifications before contracting the activity.


Rock Climbing Instructor in Spain

Duranguesado Mountain.

Rock Climbing Instructor in Spain

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Rock Climbing Instructor in Spain

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