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Navigation Course in Málaga

Who is the receiver?

Navigation Course in Málaga is focus at every lovers of nature and mountains. The navigation course will provides them the knowledge necessary to enjoy a more quietly and safer manner in these places. The methodology used throughout the orientation course is playful, participatory, and in the mountain, in order to learn in a fun and entertaining way. Navigation Course in Málaga is the base for any activity that you carry out in nature.

What is “navigation”?

The word “orientation” comes from the word “Oriente”. We could define the orientation as the action of locate or recognize the surroundings and located it in time. We use known point acting as a reference. Using mapping is a source of geographic information that allows us to have an accurate knowledge of a portion of the earth’s surface. The end result of the mapping studies is embodied in a representation on paper, which we name map or plan.

In this Course, with maps and navigation instruments we are able to plan more accurately our mountain activities, and learning the different techniques of navigation and navigation will make it more safely. We will be able to plan and follow the path to our goal and return with different weather conditions.

Navigation Course
  •  Mapping principles
  •  Map reading
  •  Calculating distances and slopes
  •  Compass
  •  Map Orientation
  •  Different norths, declination, azimuth and direction
  •  Technical and tactical guidance

When and where you can do it?

Depending on the season of the year and looking for the best weather conditions it could vary between; Sierra Nevada, Sierra de las Nieves, Sierra de Grazalema, etc..

Duration 2­-4 days

“Each fresh peak ascended teaches something.”

Sir Martin Convay.

Navigation Course in Málaga

Fees and General Conditions