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Interpretative Trails in Málaga

Geological Interpretative Trails in El Torcal

Interpretative trails in Málaga

El Torcal de Antequera is located about 4 km southward of Antequera. It is among the most important and unique of the karstic mountains in the province of Málaga, Spain and Europe, mainly for its geomorphology.

The set is aligned from east to west having an area of ​​20 km2 and at its top is located one of the most beautiful karstic landscapes across Europe. It is characterized by the existence of a network of alleys and passageways, bridges and depressions that give a special beauty, and the appearance of a petrified city.

It was the first territory to be protected as a natural park in Andalusia in 1929. Refuge of multitude of birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, insects, plants and man since prehistoric times.

Season: All year.

Duration: 4h.


Abies Pinsapo in Sierra de las Nieves

Interpretative trails in Málaga

The Sierra de las Nieves is an extension of 930 km2 with the Torrecilla peak as its highest point (1919 m). The landscape is characterized by rugged relief, with sharp peaks and deep ravines. In many areas the rocks forming a karst.

The vegetation is very characteristic and include typical of Mediterranean, and high mountain communities . The forests consist mainly of holmoaks, galloaks, and corkoaks, but the key element of the park is the Abies Pinsapo. Also Yew tree, olive, chestnut, strawberry, and many more species.

Among all the animal species in the park, the most emblematic is the Pyrenean goat, but other mammals such as deer, fox, wild boar, mongoose, genet, marten and bobcat can be found. We may also see amphibians, reptiles, birds, etc..

Season: All year

Duration: 4h