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Ferratas in Málaga

What is a via ferrata? Their Origin.

A via ferrata is a route that can be vertical and / or horizontal. It is equipped with various safety elements including: iron steps, nails, staples, railings, chains, rope bridges and zip lines. In this manner you can go through inaccessible areas for walkers or untrained climbers.

The first two via ferratas were created in Austria in 1843 and 1869, and later in the Marmolada area (Italy), but it was not until the First World War when a network was created in the Dolomites for military purposes during the Austro-Hungarian war. Later they would be reused for sport and leisure purposes. In Spain, the first route was created in Montserrat in 1990, followed by Sierra del Cid, Sierra de Guara, and Cotatuero in the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido.

What is Technique to progress on a via ferrata?

In order to progress on a via ferrata, a harness, a helmet, lanyards, anchor slings, a descender, a carabiner, gloves and appropriate footwear are required. It is advised to always have a lanyard and a carabiner clipped to the cable that traverses all the route. The most important thing is to progress safely, without haste, and if you want to rest you should use an anchor sling attached to some fixed point such as iron steps, pegs, etc..

Where can we do it?

In the province of Málaga was not until recent times that a network of routes was equipped. Except for El Caminito del Rey which was created in 1905 and that can not be classified as a via ferrata in itself. The Torcal de Antequera, and the Serrania de Ronda are two of the main examples. Within this section you will find information about all the different via ferratas in Malaga that you can find in the province and/or out of it.

Cordata Los Vados
Ferratas de Ronda
Ferrata del Trabuco
El Caminito del Rey
Ferratas de Comares
Ferratas del Torcal

“Like a drop of water falls from the summit, that’s the line I shall take.”    

E. Comici.

Ferratas in Málaga

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