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Adventure Activities in Málaga

On this page you can visit different links, where you can read about different adventure activities in the Malaga region or other places. All you have to do is “click” on one of the below links.

Adventure activities have a mainly playful design, but at your request, or in a particular situation, may have a formative character.

The adventure activities are carried out in natural areas. Teamwork is especially important, and both physical benefits and psychological benefits are evident. The aim is to improve ourselves by overcoming a series of obstacles formed by natural elements.

More important than our personal and collective goals is the respect for the environment where we develop the adventure activities. At this point we  emphasize the importance of knowing the nature around us.

There are many natural Parks where we can do a lot of adventure activities in Málaga or Andalucía. The Natural Park of Los Gaitanes, Sierras de las Nieves, Sierra Nevada, Sierra de Cazorla, Torcal de Antequera, etc.

We offer a link to the website of the Junta de Andalucia where you can see in detail the Natural Parks of the Andalucia province, and a description of them.

Below you can find links to specific adventure activities in Málaga,  where you can  read more detailed information:

Adventure Activities in Malaga

Duranguesado Mountains.

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Montrebei Diedro Audoubert