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Climbing in Malaga – Adventure Activities

Climbing in Malaga was founded in order to bring people closer to nature through adventure activities, and courses. Climbing in Malaga provides information about the best places in the region for outdoor activities, and offers a varied range of activities in different parts of  Spain and the world. Vias ferrata, multi-pitch routes, orienteering, hiking, interpretive trails, travel, courses, etc.

My name is Luis Perez Corral, and after being more than twenty years involved in adventure activities in different parts of the world I finally decided to create “Climbing in Malaga”. I always wanted to complement my Master´s degree in Biological Sciences with the diploma of Rock Climbing Instructor. During this three years training, I learnt to lead people in mountains to provide a safe environment in which a fun and challenging activity is developed.

The Rock Climbing Instructor registration is gradually obtaining more recognition in Andalusia. In other countries of the world such as France, Argentina, USA, and even in the north of Spain, this profession has long been an established reality and is highly respected among the population. These studies and part of the requirements for this profession are regulated by Spanish law in the Royal Decree 318/2000, and the Order ECI/858/2005. If you want to get more information about this topic please “click” and visit the tab AEGM.

As a certificated guide, I am a full member of the AEGM (Spanish Association of Mountain Guides), and the activities developed by “Climbing in Malaga” are registered by the public administration in Málaga with the code AT/MA/00168, fulfilling all the appropriate requirements. The web is constantly updated and contains extended information and latest news. You can visit it, inform yourself, and if you have any enquiry please don´t hesitate to contact me. You can also access the website through social networks by “clicking” on the appropriate icons in the top right corner of this webpage.

“The alpinist is the one who drives his body where one day his eyes dreamed him”

Gaston Rébuffat